While it’s recommended you get a haircut every six to eight weeks, few people actually make it into the salon on such a regular basis. We get it– life gets busy! However, going too long between trims can have some nasty consequences for your hair.

If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, you’ll want to book an appointment with your stylist ASAP:

1. You’re Living in Tangles

When brushing your hair takes more effort than moving mountains, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a lot of damage. Harsh detangling methods will result in breakage, so don’t try tackling your bird’s nest on your own and think that the problem will be solved. Trimming off unhealthy portions of hair will help you spend less time battling the hairbrush.

2. Your Ends Dry Quickly

Drying time should be more or less equal on all sections of your hair. Damaged strands lack moisture, which means they usually take less time to dry. With heat styling and product buildup, hair goes through a lot. Since the bottom half of your hair is the oldest, it sees more damage than your roots and middle of the hair. When your ends dry far quicker than the rest of your ‘do, take it as a signal that it’s time for another cut.

3. You’re Shapeless in the City

As your haircut grows out, it may take on a rounded, bubble shape, which isn’t flattering for anyone. If your hair has started to lose its style, you’ll need a trip to the salon to get back in shape. Short cuts, layered styles, and bangs, in particular, are prone to losing zhuzh quickly. Try to book a haircut every two months or so to keep your hair happy and prevent your mane from turning into a shapeless blob.

4. Your Hair Does Splits

Split ends are a tell-tale sign that you’re overdue for a cut. While it may be tempting to pull the strands apart, this will only wind up damaging your hair further and weakening healthy parts of the shaft. Instead, get a small trim to eliminate any split ends before they worsen.

Remember: The best way to prevent damage and style snafus is to have a standing appointment with your favorite stylist. Are you ready to get your hair back in shape? Schedule a haircut with The Salon of Classic AutoSmith today!

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