Though hair loss is commonly associated with men, premature thinning doesn’t discriminate based on gender. Whether you’ve noticed signs of hair loss or simply want to take extra precautions, there’s no such thing as being too proactive when it comes to fending off thinning. 

Why Does Hair Loss Happen?

Premature hair loss can occur for a number of reasons, from genetic to behavioral. You may experience sudden thinning due to health conditions like scalp infections, certain medical treatments and medicine usage, and changing hormones from big life events like menopause and pregnancy. 

Signs Your Hair is Thinning

Balding and thinning typically occur little by little over time. Hair loss treatments are more effective the earlier they’re started. If you’re suspicious that your hair is beginning to thin or notice any of the following symptoms of hair loss, start thinking of a treatment plan or consult with a doctor or dermatologist:

  • More shedding than usual
  • Partial hair loss or breakage on the brows or scalp
  • Receding hairline
  • Body hair falling off entirely

Hair Loss Prevention Tips

While you can’t control all factors that lead to hair loss, the right lifestyle choices can prevent other causes of thinning. Follow these guidelines to help keep hair loss at bay:

Stock Up On Nutrients

Certain nutritional deficiencies have been linked to premature hair loss. Likewise, maintaining a healthy diet with hair-happy vitamins and proteins can promote growth and strength of your strands. 

Shampoo Smartly

Your shampoo cycle can aggravate thinning tresses, whether it be by shampooing too frequently or not often enough. Make sure you’re following the right washing schedule for your hair type!

Ditch Tight Hairstyles

Any style that pulls at your hairline, such as cornrows or snug ponytails, may lead to premature hair loss. The pressure from hair follicles being firmly pulled from the scalp can result in thinning over time. Avoid this styling snafu by sticking to more relaxed hairstyles. 

Stay Chill

Hair loss is commonly exacerbated by stress, as hormones resulting from intense anxiety may halt the process of hair growth or even result in a response from your autoimmune system that actively harms hair follicles. Take time to find de-stressing methods that work for you and keep calm as much as possible!

There’s no need to panic if you notice your mane getting unusually thin, as there are plenty of treatments and methods out there for solving hair loss. Just be on the lookout for any signs you’re losing hair and seek professional guidance when necessary.

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