With all eyes on you and plenty of photography capturing every moment, it’s only natural that you’d be especially attentive about your appearance at your wedding. Taking extra precautions to make your special day a good hair day can make a big difference in your overall wedding look. Follow this pre-wedding hair advice for locks as beautiful as the occasion at hand:

Practice Stellar Hair Care

You’ll want your hair to be at its healthiest come time to say “I do,” so put extra effort into your hair care routine in the months leading up to your big day. Prevent damage by using protectant sprays before heat styling and give your strands a moisture boost with nourishing hair masks. 

For super-soft, luxurious hair, you can schedule a professional conditioning treatment at your salon around two weeks before your wedding. However, these services should be avoided if you want an updo, as a higher level of texture creates an easier styling surface for such hairstyles.  

Play It Safe

It may be tempting to try out a new look in preparation for your nuptials, but now is not the time to experiment. There’s nothing worse than waiting for an unflattering haircut to grow out, except maybe if that awkward time falls on one of the biggest occasions of your life. If you’re adamant about having a new ‘do for your wedding, be sure to try it out far in advance to prevent hair regrets.  

Select Your Perfect Style

Make sure you’re happy with your wedding ‘do by scheduling a trial run with your stylist and explore a few different looks. Come prepared with photo inspiration to give your hairdresser an idea of what you’re going for. Bringing a picture of your wedding outfit and accessories can help your stylist determine which type of hairstyle will most complement your matrimonial garbs. 

Crunch-Time Maintenance

Guarantee your style is at its best by scheduling a color touch-up and hair trim one week prior to your big day. For optimal styling results on the day of, you should wash and condition your locks the evening before; this will keep your hair looking clean while giving it enough time to retain the natural oils that help hairstyles have better hold.  

Preparation is key in all aspects of a wedding, and that includes your hair. By taking the right haircare and styling steps before the bells ring, you can walk down the aisle with confidence. Our Marietta salon offers styling services for you and your entire bridal party. Reach out today to get started on planning your big look!

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