With a myriad of different styling tools on the market, navigating the beauty aisle for even a hairbrush can become daunting. Though they may all seem similar enough, each kind of brush has a specific purpose. Everything from the size of your hairbrush to the type chosen will impact your style’s end result. Use this cheat-sheet to understand some of the most common kinds of hairbrushes out there so you can make happy hair purchases:

Round Brush

As the name implies, a round brush features a long rounded head with bristles surrounding its entirety. This brush is perfect for achieving a smooth blowout that leaves strands silky yet voluminous. Both sleek styles and bouncy curls can be created using a round brush, depending on the barrel size; larger brushes will straighten or build slight waviness, while small brushes result in tight curls. 

Paddle Brush

Paddle brushes are made of nylon bristles housed in a flexible cushion, with the brush head shape themselves being either oval or square. This hairbrush is best for polishing up straight locks, massaging the scalp, and getting rid of tangles. When used for styling, paddle brushes create a sleek, low-effort ‘do but won’t make much impact in terms of volume. 

Vent Brush

Lines of bristles are split up by empty, slitted areas in a vent brush, giving airflow from your hairdryer more direct access to your strands. Extra ventilation means you’ll get a quicker blow-dry when using this brush than others. Vent brushes are great for when you need your hair to dry ASAP but aren’t the best option for creaking sleek styles with intent. 

Detangling Brush

For those whose tresses tend to tangle, a detangling brush will be your best friend. Detangling brushes will have you saying sayonara to your rat’s nest while keeping the integrity of your hair intact. Made from plastic bristles, this versatile hairbrush can be used on wet or dry hair to get rid of stubborn knots without causing damage or breakage. 

Teasing Brush

Looking to add some va-va-voom to your hairstyle? Teasing brushes add both texture and volume to your tresses for a show-stopping look. When applied to the roots in the opposite direction of hair growth, teasing brushes create a lifting effect that will make your locks appear larger than life. Teasing ain’t easy on your hair, though, so try not to break out the teasing brush too often. 

When it comes to hair care, there’s no shortage of options. There are tons of other hairbrush styles available in a variety of materials to appease every type of hair need out there. The best way to ensure your styling products and tools are a good fit for your mane is to speak with your stylist to fully understand your specific texture and hair type. 

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