Nobody can make your hair look as good as a stylist, so it makes sense that you’d want to make your style last as long as possible before returning to your regular one. Unfortunately, as the days go on, your blowout will lose it’s ‘zhush’.

Follow these tips to extend the life of your blowout and stay looking fresh for as long as possible:

Sleep Smart

Tossing and turning can cause your blowout to lose shape or body. Tie your hair into a loose bun or low ponytail before hopping into bed to keep it from moving. Be sure to use a hair tie that doesn’t cause creases, such as a scrunchie or silk wrap, when securing your hair.

Avoid Water

Water is a blowout’s worst enemy, as your hair will reset to its natural shape and texture once it dries. Try using a terry cloth headband while washing your face and a quality shower cap that fits snugly around your head to avoid water getting to your hair as you cleanse. If possible, avoid activities that will cause excessive sweating, such as sunbathing or a vigorous workout.

Use Dry Shampoo

Going days without a wash is bound to lead to greasy roots. A good dry shampoo will help absorb the oils from your scalp and leave your hair smelling fresh, too!

Keep Your Hands Away

While it may be tempting to touch the silky tresses, the oils in your hands will make your hair look dirty faster. Playing with your hair could also loosen the curls, causing your blowout to lose shape. Touch your hair as little as possible to minimize any damage.

With all the holiday festivities taking place this season, blowouts are the perfect way to ensure you look coiffed for the occasion. Use these tips to make your blowout last longer, so you can go from one party to the next without worrying about your hair.

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