Keratin treatments make hair smoother, softer, and even boost shine by applying protein to the hair cuticle. If you’re considering getting a keratin treatment to tame your rebellious hair, use this tell-all guide to learn more about the smoothing process to see if it’s right for you:

Who Should Get a Keratin Treatment?

Those with unruly locks or wild curls can benefit from the treatment, with keratin making for a simpler and shorter styling process thanks to a new, smooth texture. Keratin can also be used as a hair color preserver by enclosing the dye and making your color last longer.

Keratin treatments are not ideal for people with thin or severely processed hair since the treatment requires high-heat to set, which can cause damage. If curls are your staple style, be wary about getting a keratin treatment, as the smoothing process will change your curl pattern.

How it Works

The smoothing process starts with a deep cleanse, using a clarifying shampoo to rid your strands of all dirt and product buildup, essentially making your hair ready to receive treatment. Once your tresses are squeaky clean, your stylist will use a brush and bowl to apply the keratin complex and comb it through to disperse it evenly. The treatment is then sealed in with heat-styling tools. 

Your time spent in the salon chair will vary based on the length, volume, and type of your hair. Expect for a keratin treatment to take somewhere between one and three hours to complete.

How Long Do Keratin Treatment Results Last?

The results of a keratin treatment can last anywhere from three to six months, but certain habits will make the smoothing aid’s benefits fade quicker. Hair washing in particular is a big player in the longevity of keratin’s effects. The more you wash your hair, the faster the results will dim. When you do shampoo and condition, only use sulfate-free products, as sulfates will remove the protein from your strands.

What to Do After Treatment

You’ll want to avoid getting your hair wet for three days after receiving a keratin treatment. From showers to sweaty workouts and rain, avoid moisture like the plague while your treatment sets. If your hair does come into contact with water, be sure to use a blow-dryer stat. 

During this time, your hair is also susceptible to changes in shape. Anything that could put a dent in your hair (i.e. hairbands, hats, and even sunglasses) might impact treatment results, so keep your hair down and leave it alone while it’s still malleable. 

Once the waiting period is over, you can consider moisture your friend. Keratin treatments have a drying effect on hair, so use a moisturizing hair mask weekly to help replenish strands. You should pay attention to the ingredients in your styling products, too. Both salt and alcohol will dry your hair even further, so take a close look at product labels before using them.

If you’re looking to fight frizz and make your hair shine like never before, a keratin treatment might be perfect for you. Schedule a complimentary hair consultation with The Salon of Classic AutoSmith to see if a keratin treatment is the solution you’ve been looking for!

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