Once you’ve achieved your perfect hair color, you’ll want to do everything in your power to maintain its shade for as long as possible. While certain hair colors are bound to fade faster than others, there are ways you can extend the longevity of any dye job.

Use these color-prolonging tips to keep your dye looking vibrant without having to visit the salon every other week:

Stay Safe in the Sun

While UV rays may darken your skin, they actually have the opposite effect on your hair. To avoid having your dye fade faster on sunny days, be sure to protect your locks from the sun’s rays. The less contact UV rays have with dyed hair, the better, so a big brimmed hat is a great solution to prolonging your color during warm weather fun.

Another key to sun protection is sunscreen, and that includes your hair. Purchase products that include UV protection to prevent your dye job from fading and keep your strands healthy, too.

Make Dry Shampoo Your BFF

Hair dye will fade a bit with each wash, so shampooing less frequently is a good tactic to keep color vibrant. A daily shampoo cycle will dull dye jobs far quicker than washing once a week or even every other day. Try to minimize the amount you wash your hair to prevent fading and make use of dry shampoo and updos on greasier hair days between washes.

Shower Smarter

When it comes time to wash your hair, the way in which you do so can make a big difference in your color’s lifespan. Washing with cold water will help prolong your color as heat opens up hair cuticles, making it easier for the dye to come out. Additionally, a cold rinse will leave your hair looking extra shiny.

In terms of products, opt for ones specifically formulated for color-treated hair. If a color refresh is in need, you can even use color-depositing shampoos and conditioners between hair appointments to make your hair clean and more colorful!

Dye Dreams Come True

Whether you need a color touch up, roots covered, or are ready for a whole new color look, our Marietta stylists have the chops to get your hair hue exactly where you want it. Reach out to The Salon of Classic AutoSmith today for a complimentary hair consultation to see how we can transform your locks!

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