Movie makeovers make dye jobs look like an easy process. The protagonist will undergo a major hair transformation to mark some big life change and shock their peers the very next day with their drastically updated tresses.

In reality, bringing your hair to a brand new color takes a lot of time if you want to do it right, and trust us, you want to do it right. Before you decide to change up your hue, consider the reasons why slow and steady is the best way to get there:

Beauty and the Bleach

The most dramatic hair transformations will require some form of bleaching to lighten your hair coloring. Even if you aren’t going blonde, your tresses will need to be light enough to take on color and produce the desired hue.

Lightening in stages is the only way to safely use bleach on your hair. Bleach is extremely damaging for hair, which is why expert colorists suggest breaking up the bleaching process into multiple sessions to keep your tresses as healthy as possible. Applying bleach until you reach the perfect shade in one session can result in breakage if you aren’t careful.

Dark and Dreamy

It’s not just those after a bleach blonde look who need to be patient with their color transition. While going darker isn’t as intense of a process, you’ll still want to start with a hair consultation to get on the same page with your colorist.

Depending on what shade you’re trying to achieve, you might need to undergo multiple appointments. If you have naturally light hair that you want to darken, you may need to have a filler applied so the hair follicles properly hold the pigment and avoid color turning out uneven or ashy.

Learn to Love the Transition Period

Great color takes time, and it’s important to be realistic with your hair expectations as you start your hair transformation journey.

A major hair change requires time and patience, but that doesn’t mean you have to hate your hue while you get there. An experienced colorist will be able to lift your hair to a flattering shade in-between sessions so you can rock your transition color with confidence.

Book a Consult with The Salon of Classic AutoSmith

The Salon of Classic AutoSmith colorists will help you achieve your dream color without damaging your hair in the process. Not only will we make sure you get to your desired shade safely, but we’ll work with your complexion during the transition phase so you keep loving your hair every step of the way. Reach out today!

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