The sun’s rays can wreak havoc on your hair cuticles, resulting in splits, dryness, and more susceptibility to breakage.

While UV rays are present all year round, they’re particularly strong during spring and summer, so you’ll want to take extra precautions when it comes to keeping your hair healthy. Follow these sun damage protection tips to keep your hair in great shape while you have fun in the sun!

Use Protection

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen isn’t just for your skin. You can apply SPF directly to your scalp and strands to protect them from UV rays. If you’re worried about your hair getting greasy, use a natural oil instead like Morrocanoil Treatment. Oils provide a barrier between your cuticles and the sun, plus they give it an extra boost of shine, too!

Get Hat Happy

The most effective way to avoid sun damage is to minimize any contact the sunlight has with your hair and scalp. Invest in a few cute hats and make them a wardrobe staple so your hair barely sees the light of day. Opt for a hat with a wide brim rather than a beanie or baseball cap to protect the ends of your hair and get the bonus of shielding your face and neck. When it comes to hats, it’s okay to be materialistic – the more tightly woven the material, the better protection you’ll receive.

Keep Heat in the Air, Not Your Hair

Your hair is already getting enough heat damage from the sun, so try to minimize your use of hot tools. While your mind might go to straighteners and curling irons, even your usual blow dry can add lots of damage. During warmer months, it’s best to let your hair air-dry. If your hair texture tends to get unruly, apply styling product to wet or damp hair to help tame it.

Stay Swim-Safe

Sunny days mean visits to the pool, where the sun isn’t the only potential hazard for your hair. The chemicals in pool water can be harsh on your strands and chlorine can have a drying effect when it comes into contact with shampoo. Before heading poolside, it’s best to rinse with plain water to ‘de-poo’ your hair and add a protective layer with either conditioner or oil to prevent the chlorine from seeping into your strands. You’ll want to shampoo and condition your hair ASAP after a swim because chlorine causes more damage the longer it stays in contact with your tresses.   

Reverse Damage in Your Sleep

You don’t have to put in tons of effort to give your hair some extra TLC. Once a week or so, treat your dry strands to a moisture boost with an overnight hair mask and sleep with your hair in a towel or secured in a cap to keep the product off your pillowcases and sheets. Rinse out the treatment the next day in your morning shower and your hair will feel smooth and revitalized.

The key to keeping your hair healthy in the heat is protection and damage control. You can never have enough moisture when it comes to the dry, warm spring and summer months. This April, drop by The Salon of Classic AutoSmith for a complimentary hydrating treatment to treat any sun damaged ends and bring your tresses back to life.

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