Washing your hair every day is rarely necessary, and can even hinder the health of your strands. Shampoo cleanses by removing oils, along with dirt and product buildup, from your hair. While oily locks have a negative connotation, the natural oils that your hair produces actually help keep your hair healthy. Because of this, shampooing too often can cause damage. 

So if daily isn’t the shampooing answer, how often should you be washing your hair? There’s no cut and dry solution to this, as the recommended frequency of shampoo will differ depending on your hair type:

Shampooing Thin Hair

Fine hair should be washed every other day. Not only do thinner locks tend to get early faster, but the lack of volume means that the oil is more apparent and can make your strands look greasy. Though it may be tempting to do a daily shampoo if your hair is extra greasy, this could prove counterintuitive. When your scalp gets dry, as shampooing does to your skin, it actually winds up producing more oil to make up for it. Reach for a dry shampoo on greasy days instead of giving in to a too-frequent washing cycle to disguise the issue while protecting your hair.  

Shampooing Thick Hair

Thick hair not only hides oil well but also has a better natural disbursement of these oils. If you’re blessed with a luscious mane, washing once a week should be enough to keep your hair clean and healthy. Curly hair, too, doesn’t require as frequent shampooing. Skipping the shampoo and opting for only conditioner a few days a week can help replenish the moisture needed to have your waves bouncing at their best. 

Your shampoo and washing schedule should be tailored to your hair type, both in terms of volume and texture. Lifestyle factors such as styling methods and how often you work out will also come into play. If you’re unsure exactly where your strands fall on the spectrum, ask your hairdresser for some guidance!

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